Weather station buyers guide


A weather station provides you facility to make yourself informed completely about weather including temperature, precipitation amounts, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed and barometric pressure. Whereas a personal weather station is operated by an individual in either way one wants. The quality and number of instruments may vary from product to product. The better the quality of the instrument, more accurate results would be generated by it. The results generated by a high-quality instrument and a low-quality instrument would definitely be incomparable. Therefore, a high-quality instrument must be bought in order to avoid inappropriate results.

Nowadays weather stations involve digital console that provides the data being collected by the device. These digital consoles can be interfaced to a computer where data can be displayed, uploaded and stored as required.

Why buy a weather station?

Buying a weather station lets you forecast upcoming weather conditions and prepare yourself for them ultimately. It may help you through the following:

  • What plans to have ahead.
  • Knowing whether the conditions are right or not for sporting activities.
  • When to do washing activities.
  • Making decisions about booking flights.
  • Forecasting best time for plantation and agricultural activities.

What are the features in a best weather station?

You should look for the following features while buying a weather station:

Various sensor readings

  1. Temperature
    It should have a temperature sensor letting you Usually Temperature is measured in centigrade.
  2. Humidity
    It must show the percentage of water vapors in the air i.e. humidity. The instrument measuring humidity is known as hygrometer, which must be a part of a weather station for letting you have better results.
  3. Air pressure
    The instrument must have a barometer in order to measure air pressure. This lets you know keen details of weather conditions.

PC Connectability

This feature allows your device to be connected to a laptop or PC, which makes the data manipulation easy.

Ice alerts

This feature enables your device to inform you about upcoming icy conditions.


This feature lets your device capable of informing you about wind speed and direction.


This feature enables your device to show you temperature in centigrade.

What to consider while buying a weather station?

Ease to use and setup a weather station

The device must be easy to use and setup. As you need to install all sensors separately, it should be designed to make the installations quick and easy as far as possible.

Transmission distance

The device you are going to but must have a high transmission distance enabling the readings to be accurately calculated.

Weather variables it could measure and record

Your device must be capable of measuring the following:

  • Additional rainfall
  • Apparent temperature
  • Sensors for solar and ultraviolet radiations
  • Additional wind speed
  • Evapotranspiration

How often it updates the information?

Your device must update information often. Usually a weather station updating information every 10-20 seconds is considered as exceptional. But updating time of 1-3 minutes is considered to be good. The better the updating time of your device, the better it would keep you up to date about weather conditions.

How it generates forecast?

A good weather station must be able to generate a nearly accurate forecast about weather. Minor inclinations from accurate conditions are acceptable.

How it displays forecast?

A good weather station must display the forecast in a well-organized manner. The icons for different forecast messages must be relevant to the type of reading being measured. This makes the distinction easy between different forecasts.

Is it useable at higher elevations?

It must be usable at higher elevations in mountains. This makes the device possible be carried anywhere and becomes more diverse.

Battery Life

Battery life varies for different weather stations. Some include a warning or alert when the battery gets low. You must buy a system whose battery life is greater and is rechargeable.

Display features

Display features vary from device to device. Some weather stations are expensive and have color display features, while others which are not very expensive, display in black or white color. You should find a device that is attractive and is easy to use and understand.